Pause: A Collection of Moment Poems (Forthcoming, Finishing Line Press)

Individual Works (Appearing in Literary Magazines and Anthologies)
“Sestina for Housesitting” (Forthcoming)
Mouse Tales Press
“Fable” (Forthcoming)
“Same Roofs” (April 2014)
The Quotable
“Upon Visiting My Father” (June 2014)
The Corner Club Press
“Instructions Not Included” (May 2014)
“Putting Shebah Down” (April 2014)
The Kitchen Poet
“If, After Reading Emerson’s Nature, I Have a Transparent Eyeball Experience and a Pen Handy” (April 2014)
Drunk Monkeys
“When Asked to Mow the Lawn” (February 2014)
Words Dance
“Regret” (February 2014)
“Dr. Baylor’s Childhood” (January 2014)
MadHat Lit
“Relativity” (January 2014)
Cactus Heart
“Sometimes Swinging Doesn’t Point to Anything Else” (December 2013)
Noctua Review
“Here’s What I Did” (April 2012)
Paper Nautilus
“Flat Coke in the Morning” (October 2011)